Restoring America By Returning to the Constitution

Welcome! The Cullman County Tea Party is a dedicated community, that stands together, shoulder to shoulder, to protect our country and the Constitution upon which America was founded.

This site was made with you in mind.  Please visit YOUR site often to find out more about Tea Party current and future events.  Come join us, we would love to hear from you!


Debt Ceiling

Call your Congressman and tell him/her NO to debt ceiling raises!!! Enough is enough!!!


T-shirts have been ordered for those who pre paid – they can still be ordered ~ $15.

Special Event

On May 11th please join the Ebony/Ivory Nekkid Heads Tour with Kevin Jackson and Joe the Plumber. Sponsored by Cullman County Tea party.  Please look at our Event page for more details on time and location!

Should ObamaCare be REPEALED by GOP Controlled Congress?

New Poll Question! Should ObamaCare be REPEALED by GOP Controlled Congress?

Health Care Law

Obama at the annual conference for advocacy group Families USA was defending the health care law again. If it is going to be so affordable, why all the waivers?  Recently, the health department made public some more waivers for more than 500 groups. It goes against common sense.